Transforming natural resources into prosperity for all


Creating Precious Projects

In addition to our vast experience in the oil & gas industry, we are also rapidly growing in the exploration & development of precious mineral resources around the globe. With our team of experts with decades of knowledge and success in the mining field, we are focused on uncovering opportunities and generating sustainable value for all our stakeholders by applying the optimum practices in mining.

Ethical & Sustainable Business

Our business decisions show regard for environmental, social and economic concerns. We aspire to deliver sustainable productivity to the global mining industry, create thriving local economies, manage the impact of our operations, secure the health and wellbeing of our employees, and protect local communities and their environment.


Technology For Nature & People

The mining industry is continuously growing, thus increasing the demand for new technologies and applications. Therefore, we implement transformative technologies to improve our performance and reduce operational costs. At the same time, we are seeking innovation and new technologies to make our operations safer for our employees, local communities and the environment.

At Present

We are focused in Mali and Angola and evaluating gold and lithium projects to be acquired. We will be announcing the acquisition of the projects in the next coming months in gold and lithium mining prospects for exploration and near production assets

Our Current Focus Areas (African Countries)