Nuno Lorenco

Southern African Region Representative


Nuno has 20+ years of experience in executive positions in Oil & Gas and Mining. His mining processing  experience expanded in Angola and Namibia. Nuno managed a joint venture project owned by Angola and Namibia Governments which was a stone mining and processing project in Namibia. In time, these projects led to the search for other base and precious metal mining projects in Africa. Alongside Angolan background, family ties and relationship with the government of Angola, he has also built excellent relationships with the Namibian government up to the presidential level. These in-depth relations opened the door to other governmental connections in various African countries, especially in Southern Africa. Due to his deep knowledge of the African roots, background, culture and behaviour of the majority of tribes, peoples and tongues, respecting each one according to their habits and values, Nuno has an excellent reputation for communicating not only with African institutions and governments but also with the people of Africa and people in general. Nuno has played an important role in Oil & Gas and Mining in Africa for ONOC’s extensive relationships for the last 15 years as an executive with ONOC.